Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair.
Faucet Repair.

Faucet Repair

Your kitchen and bathroom faucets are among the most-used fixtures in your Queen Creek, AZ, home. As these reliable devices wear out through constant use, they may start to drip, leak, or even restrict water flow.

Although your faulty faucets may continue to work while malfunctioning, they will perform inefficiently, wasting water and costing you money.

You can end faucet troubles by contacting Camcor Plumbing. Our expert plumbers will quickly diagnose the problem, swap out any worn or broken parts and have your faucet working correctly in no time.

At Camcor Plumbing, we have all tools, components, and experience needed to disassemble, repair, and reassemble your fixtures or we can install a new fixture if your faucet is beyond repair.

Kinds of Faucets

Consider the variety of faucet styles available today: Goosenecks, single handle, double handle, touchless, smart, wall mounted, spray capable. Each faucet style requires a different approach to repairs, parts, and installation, depending on their inner workings. Here are three popular kinds of faucets:

  • A ceramic disc faucet, for example, has two slotted ceramic discs, one fixed and the other moveable, that control the flow of water as they align. They can be single or double handle faucets.
  • Faucets with a ball valve also use a single handle. The handle controls a metal ball with holes and slots. When the openings align in different positions, they adjust the temperature and flow of the water.
  • A cartridge faucet moves the cylindrical cartridge up or down to control water flow and temperature. They can be single or double handle as well.

Our team at Camcor Plumbing can recommend the best choices for your Queen Creek, AZ, home. Call us today for a free consultation. 

Faucet Repairs in Queen Creek, AZ

Faucet repairs may seem deceptively easy.  Even if you are armed with a few how-to plumbing videos, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and washers, correctly diagnosing the problem and fixing it can be daunting.

Our pros at Camcor Plumbing are experienced in working with all faucet styles, makes, and models. We always are prepared to tackle whatever the job entails. We work efficiently and complete the job as quickly as possible.

What can go wrong with your shower head and kitchen or bathroom faucets? Here's a partial list:

  • Water drips from the spout.
  • Water leaks from the faucet base.
  • Worn cartridges and washers can lead to leaks.
  • The aerator is plugged.
  • The faucet appears corroded.
  • The shower head starts to plug up.
  • The handle is loose, indicating wear.
  • The sprayer attachment clogs.
  • The shower head starts to plug up.

Fixing an easily corrected leak in your Queen Creek, AZ, household can save you up to 10 percent on your water bill, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Call Camcor Plumbing when you need faucet repair or replacement in Arizona.

Faucet Replacement

Consider replacement when buying parts is nearly as expensive as installing a new fixture.

If your faucet is more than 10 years old, looks worn, and is in need of frequent repair, it is a good candidate for replacement.

Of course, you do not have to wait until your faucets break down before you replace them. Consider upgrading your sinks with new fixtures. New faucets can transform your kitchen and bathroom from blah to beautiful while providing useful features such as pull-down sprayers and one-touch or touchless capability.

You can command some faucets to turn off and on by voice command or touch the spout to start and stop the water.

Whether you want an efficient and economical faucet or a trendy fixture with bells and whistles, our pros at Camcor Plumbing can recommend the best product for your home.

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“Frank Stockton has provided service for me several times. Always on time, friendly, and knowledgeable about how to fix the problem! Does great work and I would certainly recommend Frank and Camcor for your plumbing needs!”

- Stan Z.

“Frank arrived on time and initiated the new outdoor faucet replacement, then changed filters on the R/O system. Prices were explained ahead of time to get my signature to proceed. Efficient and professional. Left referral cards for me to use with acquaintances who are not currently CAMCOR customers.”

- John W.

“Frank was professional and friendly he obviously was experienced…
This was not an easy installation. We will always call you folks first when ever we have a problem with our plumbing”

- Mike B.

“Another great service by Camcor plumbing. Frank was awesome as always. We have been using Camcor for many, many years and would definitely would recommend.”

- Carolyn H.

“Had an issue early this morning and contacted Camcor. Allison was awesome and said Frank would be out later today between 1-3. At approx 12pm Frank called and said he finished with a job early ..if it was ok to come now! Frank was awesome, very attentive and made sure I understood as he explained the diagnostics of the issue and the fix. Frank is very personable, competent with his trade and truly an asset to Camcor. Thank you Frank and we will surely recommend him and Camcor for any plumbing needs.”

- Cindy J.

“Frank, was professional, polite, and very patient. He explained in layman’s terms exactly what the problem was and exactly what was required to repair the shower control. Frank went above and beyond to help us by squeezing our repair into his schedule. I would highly recommend Camcor and specifically Frank to work on any plumbing/Water Treatment issues you may in counter. I cannot thank you enough.”

- Daniel H.

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