“I had the pleasure of having Frank come out, in answer to my plea to the company that I could not remember my ‘duties’ as being a new water softener system owner since February …..🙄 ( hard to teach an old dog new tricks🫡 )
Long and short of it, i was close to maybe burning out the motor in my unit…he was able to provide me with a couple bags of salt from his truck…and patiently explained, again, what I needed to do on a monthly basis. (Like check salt level, smart woman 😵‍💫)
Not to mention it was 105 degrees in there, feeling like 130 🤤, and he kept a smile and did not make me feel like a idiot, even tho we both had gallons of sweat pouring down our faces.
Don’t know how you technicians do it in these summers.
Thankyou to Camcor and thankyou Frank, and thankyou to my original installer.”

– Susan P.